Eagle Data has experienced people that have been in the e-publishing business for years and it is this experience that is brought forth in our work with XML technologies.

Our XHTML development experience includes conversion from scanned input, structuring of documents, generation of web content and back conversion. The raw content is obtained using OCR, double key processing or as direct textual content. In some situations, specialized tools are used for converting one format to another. We create DTDs for customer workflows, advise on DTD rules, perform DTD edits, schema creation and interpretation, DTD and schema mapping, XML structuring, styling, parsing, validating, online content checks and more. We test all online content in Firefox and Internet Explorer to ensure a uniform display.

Our dedicated Projects team works on different forms of e-books for major publishers across the globe. This team has vast experience in converting various source file types to different e-book formats for readers such as iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle, MS Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, Mobipocket Reader, Palm Digital, and Open E-book.

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