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Accurate Grouping of Documents: Before proceeding, we apply separator patch codes for the scanner to recognize the start and end of each document bundle so that the scanned images are separated logically. Individual images are grouped into documents and attachments, if any, are mapped to its parent document. The created documents are then separated into manageable lots for easy data entry.

Data Entry: Each document is keyed twice by two different operators. Provision to link attachment with its parent document has been introduced during Data Entry stage the output generated can be in the form of an access database

Quality Check: After completion of dual data entry, the lots are compared against each other and any errors are corrected. The compared output file is then used for Quality Checks. A 100% document browsing is performed for accuracy and errors, if any are corrected.

Merging & Finalization: The lots generated after Quality Checks is then merged into a single database file and uploaded to the document management system of choice.

Receiving Documents from Client: A set of pre-defined processes are specified for each individual client depending upon their requirements under the 'statement of work' document. Documents are dispatched from client and confirmation of dispatch is sent to Eagle data via email.

Categorizing Documents: Based upon client’s requirements; Eagle data categorizes the received documents into identical sets prior to scanning. Categorizing documents improves accessibility and faster retrieval of documents.

Physical Numbering of Documents: Every page of the document is given a unique identification number as agreed with the client to ensure proper sequence. These numbers may be handwritten, stamped or in the form of pre-printed labels affixed to the document.

Scanning: After completion of previous steps documents are scanned to create the images. We take care of physical aspects of pages to utmost level so that the scanned images are best in quality.

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